Go Team Science!

  • psyTeachR: A growing collection of resources for teaching reproducible science (using rstats)
  • Psychological Science Accelerator: A globally distributed network of psychological science laboratories that coordinates data collection for democratically selected studies



  • webmorph An open source, online tool for morphing and transforming faces
  • experimentum An open-source, online platform for psychology studies
  • faux R functions for simulating datasets

Shiny Apps

I just started learning how to make shiny apps. It’s a fun way to demo data visualisations and statistical concepts.

  • plot demo Set the sample size, main effects, and interaction effect for a 2x2 design, then view six different visualisations of the simulated data.
  • guess Guess the effect size from a plot of random data and visualise your accuracy.
  • topcentile: Calculates the ratio of group A and group B members above a specificed percentile. You set the means and standard deviations for groups A and B (only normal distributions for now).
  • coinsim: Flip a virtual coin any number of times (with a bias that you set) and calculate the exact binomial probability of getting the sequence with a fair coin.
  • normsim: Simulate a normal distribution of a specified number and mean (with SD = 1) and to run a one-sample t-test against 0. You can visualise the distribution of each sample and the distribution of p-values over all the samples you create.
  • varviz: Simulate and visualise a normal distribution with a specified number, mean and SD. (Present for Phil McAleer)