Applied Data Skills

Processing & Presenting Data


This book provides an overview of the basic skills needed to turn raw data into informative summaries and visualisations presented in professional reports and presentations. The book will introduce learners to R (R Core Team, 2022), a programming language that can help automate working with data. The book will cover importing and processing data from spreadsheets, producing data summaries of descriptive statistics in tables, creating beautiful and informative visualisations, and constructing reports and presentations that automatically update when the underlying data changes.

Emily Nordmann, & Lisa DeBruine. (2022). Applied Data Skills (1.0). Zenodo.
Lisa DeBruine
Lisa DeBruine
Professor of Psychology

Lisa DeBruine is a professor of psychology at the University of Glasgow. Her substantive research is on the social perception of faces and kinship. Her meta-science interests include team science (especially the Psychological Science Accelerator), open documentation, data simulation, web-based tools for data collection and stimulus generation, and teaching computational reproducibility.