A Keyboard Shortcuts

This list is not yet complete.

A.1 Command

  • 0: Zoom to original size (Delineate window)
  • 2: Show Finder window
  • 3: Show Delineate window
  • 4: Show 3D window
  • 5: Show Average window
  • 6: Show Transform window
  • 7: Show Projects window
  • A: Select all (files in Finder, points in Delineate window)
  • C: Copy files
  • D: Download selected files
  • F: Find files in open Finder
  • L: Get file list for selected files
  • I: Get info for selected files (BUG)
  • M: Fit image to Delineate window
  • R: Refresh the interface
  • S: Save template in Delineate window
  • T: Toggle template visibility in Delineate window (BUG)
  • U: Upload files
  • V: Paste copied files
  • W: Close pop-up dialogs
  • X: Cut selected files
  • Z: Undo (only for delineation)
  • +: Zoom in
  • -: Zoom out
  • ,: Open Preferences
  • delete: Delete selected file or folders (Finder) or template points (Delineate window)

A.2 Shift-Command

  • N: New Project (in Project Window) or new folder (in Finder)
  • U: Upload from webcamera
  • delete: Delete files or folders without a confrimation dialog