faux 1.1.0 (2021-09-13) 2021-09-13

Breaking changes

  • sim_design() now names anonymous within and between factors like W and B or W1, W2, W3, …, and B1, B2, … instead of A, B, C, …

New features

Minor improvements and fixes

faux (2021-09-13) Unreleased

  • Added a vignette about creating random reports using the mixed effects building functions.

faux (2021-08-30) Unreleased

  • fixed a bug in sim_design() when setting n with an unnamed vector and within-subjects factors (wouldn’t run before).
  • Updated add_between() and add_within() to make new columns factors with the same ordering as the specification
  • Updated contrast functions to work with non-factor columns
  • add_between() .prob argument works as expected now (and has tests)

faux (2021-08-11) Unreleased

faux (2021-08-10) Unreleased

  • Updated contrasts vignette
  • new add_contrast() function
  • renamed the contrast functions to all start with contr_code_

faux (2021-08-09) Unreleased

  • added new contrast functions and changed labelling of others
  • updated contrasts vignette

faux (2021-08-08) Unreleased

  • plot_design() can display a subset of factors
  • updated plotting vignette to explain changing palettes
  • updated mixed effects builder functions to avoid column name clashes
  • added experimental contrast functions and vignette

faux (2021-03-27) Unreleased

  • added new mixed effect builder functions
  • updated mixed effects vignette
  • anonymous within and between factors in sim_design() are now named W and B or W1, W2, W3, …, B1, B2, … instead of A, B, C, … (and fixed relevant tests and vignette code)
  • fixed get_params() so it doesn’t need between, within, id, and dv set for date created by sim_design()

faux 1.0.0 (2021-03-27) 2021-03-26

  • Released on CRAN
  • Fixed a typo in faceratings for one face_eth (“eats asian/white” => “east asian/white”)

faux (2021-03-23) Unreleased

  • Fixed a bug in rnorm_pre() when simulating a vector with correlations to more than 2 pre-existing vectors.
  • Updated vignettes for new functions and changes.

faux (2021-03-19) Unreleased

  • sim_design() should no longer mangle level values in long format if they have underscores
  • sim_design() should play better with different separator. FOr example, if you set faux_options(sep = ".") and have within-subject factors A and B with levels A_1/A_2 and B_1/B_2, your wide data will have columns A_1.B_1, A_1.B_2, A_2.B_1, A_2.B_2

faux (2021-03-14) Unreleased

  • fixed bug in sim_design() where parameters specified as a named vector couldn’t be in a different order unless both between and within factors were specified (e.g., mu = c(A2 = 2, A1 = 1) resulted in a mu of 2 for A1 and 1 for A2).

faux (2021-03-13) Unreleased

  • new sim_joint_dist() function to simulate the joint distribution of categories
  • sim_df() no longer breaks if there are NAs in the DV columns
  • sim_df() now has an option to include missing data, it simulates the joint distribution of missingness for each between-subject cell
  • some functions (sim_df() and messy()) can choose columns with unquoted names now (e.g., messy(mtcars, .5, mpg))
  • messy() now takes a vector of proportions so you can simulate different amounts of missing data per selected column
  • sample_from_pop() is now vectorised

faux (2021-02-06) Unreleased

  • get_params() doesn’t require within and between set for data made with faux (that has a “design” attribute)
  • fixed bug in get_params() where the var column was alphabetised, but the corresponding columns for the correlation table were in factor order
  • several new distribution conversion functions and a vignette
  • this version isn’t on CRAN yet

faux (2021-01-05) 2021-01-21

  • nested_list() updated to match scienceverse version and handle edge cases better
  • changes to tests for changes in CRAN development environments
  • rnorm_multi() can get column names from mu, sd, or r names

faux (2020-09-11) 2020-09-22

  • Removed a test using markdown that failed on Solaris (causing faux to be pulled from CRAN) Back on CRAN!
  • seed arguments reinstated as deprecated and produce a warning

faux (2020-08-12) 2020-08-19

  • Even more fixes for CRAN (on CRAN from 2009-08-19!)
  • Removed all seed arguments (at the request of CRAN)
  • Faster unit tests

faux (2020-08-10) Unreleased

  • More fixes for CRAN (fingers crossed!)
  • Added a seed argument to rnorm_multi()
  • User options are no longer changed in vignettes

faux (2020-08-03) Unreleased

  • Removed some dependencies
  • Various bug fixes
  • Submitting to CRAN again!

faux (2020-06-25) Unreleased

  • Still not accepted to CRAN (but haven’t worked on it in a long time)
  • nested_list function for printing nested lists in Rmd
  • New codebook function and vignette
  • Interactive mode for codebooks (experimental)
  • Updated for new tidyverse versions

faux (2020-02-27) Unreleased

  • Submitting to CRAN (wish me luck!)

faux (2020-02-26) Unreleased

  • Andrew Heiss added norm2beta function
  • Added contributors (Andrew Heiss and Anna Krystali)
  • trunc2norm now works if min or max are omitted.

faux (2019-12-26) Unreleased

faux (2019-12-10) Unreleased

  • Removed ANOVApower

faux (2019-07-22) Unreleased

  • Added distribution conversion functions (still experimental)

faux (2019-06-09) Unreleased

  • More flexible parameter specification
  • Set plotting default as a global option faux_options(plot = TRUE)
  • Minor bug fixes and efficiency increases

faux (2019-05-27) Unreleased

  • multi-factor cell names now in a more intuitive order (will break old code that inputs parameters with unnamed vectors)
  • More flexible plotting styles (violin, jitter, box, pointrange with SD or SE, and combos)
  • Minor bug fixes

faux (2019-05-22) Unreleased

  • More flexible plots and data plots
  • Setting seed doesn’t change the seed in your global environment
  • Plot labels for dv and id (set them like dv = list(colname = "Name for Plots"))

faux (2019-05-19) Unreleased

  • Changed default DV column name from ‘val’ to ‘y’
  • Changed default ID column name from ‘sub_id’ to ‘id’
  • sim_design() can take intercept-only designs
  • rnorm_multi() can take vars = 1 for intercept-only designs
  • json_design() to output or save design specs in JSON format
  • Added functions for converting between distributions

faux Unreleased

  • Fixed bugs in interactive specification
  • Added messy() (thanks Emily)
  • Better interactive specification (thanks Daniël)

faux Unreleased

faux Unreleased

faux Unreleased

  • Added a plot option to check_design() and sim_design()
  • Design lists returned by check_design() have a more consistent format
    • n, mu, and sd are all data frames with between-cells as rows and within-cells as columns
    • within and between are named lists; factors and labels are no longer separately named

faux Unreleased

  • Changes to argument order and names (more consistent, but may break old scripts)
  • Updated vignettes

faux Unreleased

  • Bug fixes for sim_design() (failed when within or between factor number was 0)

faux Unreleased

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.
  • Added sim_design() to simulate data for mixed ANOVA designs.